We have offered printing services since 1995, and have come to be known as a reliable partner for many demanding customers: advertising agencies, publishers and final users. 

Color Settings

1. To create CMYK the ICC profile must be used adjusted to the type of paper / substrate on which the material to be printed.

2. Requirements as recommended in 2009 by the European Color Initiative following color profiles (compliance with ISO 12647-2:2004, ISO 12647-2:2004 / Amd 1:2007):
  • ISO Coated v2 300% (ECI) (FOGRA 37) – ISOcoated_v2_300eci.icc file - for glossy coated paper and matte boxes GC1 and GC2 
  • PSO Uncoated ISO12647 (ECI) (FOGRA 47L) – PSO_Uncoated_ISO12647_eci.icc file - for white uncoated offset paper 
  • ISO Uncoated Yellowish (FOGRA 30L) – plik ISOuncoatedyellowish.icc – dla niepowlekanych papierów offsetowych o odcieniu ┼╝ó┼étym

ISOuncoatedyellowish.icc file - for uncoated offset paper with yellow tint. Profiles files are available on the server ftp.dkh.com.pl (access passwords are available upon request)
3. Maximum TIL may not exceed:
  • 300% – for glossy coated paper, SBS, cardboards GC1 (white backed) and GC2 (cream backed).  
  • 280% – for uncoated offset paper white and cream.
4.  In the case when spot color is used, this color value (name) must be correctly indicate in the file.
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