We have offered printing services since 1995, and have come to be known as a reliable partner for many demanding customers: advertising agencies, publishers and final users. 


Currently we work with:

The line for the production of brochures Horizon StitchLiner 5500 
maximum size of the booklet: H 312 mm × W 232 mm
minimum brochures: H 90 mm × W 90 mm
maximum thickness of the booklet: up to 10 mm
the distance between the staples: 60–150 mm
number of heads of sewing: 4

5500 StitchLiner - booklet production line, with standart saddle stiching and loop stiching (4 or 2 staples). Part of the line is trimmer HTS-30. Instaled HOF high-speed sheet feeder allows using the line for the sheets collection (f.e. the collection of self – adhesive blocks). StitchLiner 5500 has also the ability to collect and stitched covers of brochures with one flap.

Perfect Binder Horizon BQ-470


minimum book size: H 145 x W 105 mm
maximum book size: H 312 x W 312 mm
binding thickness: from 1 to 65 mm (EVA)
minimum cover size: 135 × 225 mm
maximum cover size: 320 × 660 mm
Weight of cover: 80 to 300 gsm (100 to 350 g/m2 - coated paper)

Perfect binding technology with hotmelt glue (EVA). High precision and accuracy of binding and  very wide range of thicknesses of glued books.
Trimmers Horizon HT-70


minimum cut format: H 142 × W 100 mm
maximum cut size: H 300 x W 300 mm
max. thickness of book: 50 mm

Book sewing machine Aster 180/42

minimum frame size: H 120 x W 75 mm
maximum frame size: 420 × height 320 mm width
number of sewings: 11
sewing length: 19 mm

Machine with automatic blocks separation and a trimming device shorten threads ends to approximately 10 mm. With extensive optional equipment: simple and variable sewing (staggered sewing), 4 opening nozzles – offering a wide range of possibilities. A GigaLynx camera ensures the right block control.

Folding machine GUK FA72 6/4/2
Pocket folding machine with 6 + 4 + 2 folding pockets per station.


minimum input format: debt. 178 × width 140 mm
maximum format: debt. 1040 x width 740 mm
minimum size of the fold: 45 mm
possible number of foldings: 6 × (parallel fold) + 4 × (cross fold) + 2 ×

Folding machine GUK K50 / 4
Combined folding machine with 4 folding pockets and knife (for cross folding).


minimum input format: debt. 145 × width 105 mm
minimum format (knife): debt. 145 × 145 mm width
maximum format size: debt. 850 × width 500 mm
Tminimum size of the fold: 45 mm
possible number of foldings: 4 × (parallel fold) + 1 × (cross fold)

Additional binding equipment : two Perfecta cutters, semi-automatic die cutting, hand stitching machine (up to 4 heads,  standart and loop stitching - allows to work with almost any format), a paper drillers - 4 heads, etc.
So configured binding facilities enable us to control the  production processes for ongoing production: trade catalogs, brochures and  folders, books, magazines, calendars, posters, leaflets, notebooks, labels, letterheads, stationery and packaging printing. In addition we can offer the shortest production time in Kraków for most of products.


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