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Proof and color settings

1. It is recommended to attach proof of contract for every order.

2. If the contract proofs were carried out before the final correction, files submitted for printing must include information about the changes.

3. Contract proof must consider the necessity to simulate the printed substrate / paper.

4. Contract proof must be marked with the name of an ICC profile which it was made with, and must include a control strip which is used to spectrophotometric control of its correctness. The recommended control bar is the bar UGRA / FOGRA.   .

5. Proof is acceptable as a contract if the color difference E * ab:
  • does not exceed 5.0 for CMYK fields,
  • mean the control strip <3.0
  • up to <6.0
  • ground color deviation <3.0
6.  Conformity assessment of color between the contract proof and print is visual and due to the phenomenon of "metamerism" should take place in a standardized lighting conditions such as light source D50 (5000K) color rendering index of Ra> 90 Due to differences in the method of execution, pigment print and expenditures may not agree 100% with the colors obtained on the contract proof.

7. In cases of acceptance print by the customer, pattern print color printing becomes accepted and signed by the customer.

8. Earlier forms of production can be models for the printer. Printing can not be ensured for an identical color reproduction because of changes in the color inks and paper in time. It is possible to use other colors, or the presence of other growth related halftone dots using different machinery, as well as the possibility of manufacturing different file preparation.

9. As for the color scheme PANTONE spot colors and HKS, the color of the templates are provided by the paint manufacturer.
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